Raw to Roar: Lionheart’s Grief Pathway is WA’s first ever comprehensive grief support program for children, teens and families who have lost a parent, sibling or significant loved one

This innovative grief support concept enables Lionheart to provide wrap-around support to your family, tailored to your unique needs so together, we can minimise the negative outcomes that grief can have both in the short and long term. The Raw to Roar program is available to families from time of death or earlier in the circumstances of terminal illness, right through the first 24 months of your grief journey

What does the pathway look like?

Lionheart’s Grief Pathway is a tailored 1:1 support program designed by our dedicated bereavement team especially to suit the needs of your family and to get you from the RAW early days of grief to the ROAR of healthily integrating grief into your life. 

  • We begin with an introductory phone call with one of our professional grief coaches so we can understand the unique circumstances of your loss.
  • Your grief coach will then help you navigate through the immediate challenges you are experiencing with resources, education and information.
  • Ongoing support can be by phone, email or face-to-face meetings depending on the evolving needs of your family in response to grief.
  • In time, the grief pathway will lead you to Lionheart’s suite of bereavement programs where you can connect with a community of other grieving families and continue to learn how to integrate grief into your life


Lionheart's Grief Pathway is a pilot program that is funded by Telethon and Stan Perron Foundation and is currently offered at no cost to families. Lionheart is partnering with Curtin University to evaluate this program and to ensure it adheres to best practice and latest research in child bereavement. Participants in this pilot program are asked to participate in various surveys for the purposes of being able to evaluate and inform program design. Please note this is a psychoeducation support program, not a counselling service. Grief coaches can provide information on local counselling services if you require this. Families can self-refer or be referred by a health professional.