Lionheart Camp for Kids is a children's bereavement program that supports grieving children from ages five through to 12, following the death of a parent, primary caregiver or sibling.

Run by skilled professionals and passionate, well trained volunteers, we offer two-day camps for both children and their parents.

The camps take place at the same time and location, with separate parent and child based programs focusing on the specific needs of each group.

Our camps are a safe place for 'children to be children' and for the family to learn that grief is a natural, healthy, response to loss. A life has ended but that is not the end of their life, it's about learning to live with loss.

In addition to the main camp programs, Lionheart provides ongoing programs and events throughout the year to support grieving families.

Because the support of friends and family is so important in the lives of grieving children, Lionheart aims to also run education programs on grief and loss within the WA school community in the near future.


At Lionheart we have a team of professionals who are extremely passionate about providing support and care to bereaved families

Our team collectively brings together all the skills and expertise required to run the organisation and meet the needs of the children and families we care for.